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Top 10 Reasons To Partner With 123JobCentral

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1   It’s Not Your Area

You are likely very good at your job — maybe even an expert — but resume writing and job searching are not your areas of expertise.  So in this tough job market going it alone probably means you're selling yourself short.  It can mean a longer job search, eliminate you from the best jobs and even slow your career for years to come.  But, the “post-recession” job market IS our area of expertise. Everything changes when you have the right professional do the job. If you have a pro change the oil in your car, why guess when it comes to your career?

2  Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Even Microsoft hires a marketing firm. A resume should be a "call-to-action" document that motivates the reader to contact you for an interview. Yet few people actually have the expertise to achieve this goal. And let's face it, most people cringe at the thought of marketing themselves. In an effort to avoid sounding boastful, we find candidates often leave their best qualities and accomplishments OUT of their resumes.

3  We Don't Guess At What Motivates Hiring Managers — They Tell Us

Did you know most resume writers have never worked directly with Hiring Managers? 123JobCentral is different. We evolved from a software consulting firm — our corporate clients told us they loved our resumes so much that they pulled them to the top of the pile. Today, with ongoing Hiring Manager input, we update our approach 4 – 5 times/year to ensure that your resume reflects the latest hiring requirements.

4  It's Tough Out There

This is the worst market we've seen in 20 years and it's not going to get better any time soon. Having 123JobCentral's expert direction to guide you is your best bet to beat the negatives and compete. A strong, engaging resume can be your best "career insurance".

More than just a resume.

5  This Is No Time To Leave Money On The Table

Many of our clients see a 10 – 20% increase in salary with the 123JobCentral approach. If the primary goal of the resume is to generate phone calls, the second is to establish your value in the reader's mind. A 123JobCentral resume brings out more than just your skills — we blend in your attitude and aptitude — demonstrating to employers the kind of employee you'd be. So our services can pay for themselves in just the first month on the job.

6  We Make It Easy

We don't send a 200-point questionnaire or require a 2-hour phone call. We send you a simple, open-ended email asking for some additional information based on your resume evaluation. And if you need help, we'll be right there. Once you respond to our email, we can get the first draft of your resume to you in about 3 business days. But it's not a one-time shot. There's no limit to the number of revisions — though most of our clients find they need no more than one or two. We treat your resume individually and work cooperatively with you to achieve the best possible resume for your career goals.

7  A Stronger Resume = An Easier Interview

When your resume brings more to the table interviewing can be much easier. If the challenges you've faced and accomplishments achieved are highlighted in your resume, employers don't have to guess about your capabilities. And interviewers can see this up front — before the interview — taking some of the pressure off you. Our clients tell us they feel real pride in presenting their resumes and have a great deal more confidence going into any interview.

8  123JobCentral Offers an Installment Payment Plan

We offer payment plans that allow you to stretch the cost over 2 – 3 months — we understand how it is when funds are tight. The nice thing about the payment plan is that you'll have received all your services in about 1 week and can put them to work for you before the next payment is due.

9  More than Just a Resume — A Job Search Solution

The truth is it often takes more than just a new resume to generate interviews and land a great job. Even the best resume can't do much for you if employers don't see it. This is why the 123JobCentral approach also focuses on the best performing marketing tools and 1-on-1 coaching with a professional Job Search Coach. 95% of our 123GetHired clients find they don't need to fall back on our guarantee.

10  Never Worry About Your Resume Again

More than just a resume.

Best of all, when it's time to upgrade your resume with a new job and experience we'll take good care of you. There’s no need to pay a complete resume rewrite; our returning clients receive impressive discounts.

(Sorry, we just couldn't stop at 10.)

11  Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If your 123JobCentral resume isn't working for you within 30 days we'll rewrite it for free. If your 123GetHired program doesn't bring meaningful interviews in 60 days (that means the kind of job you're looking for and in your targeted area), we'll rewrite your resume AND provide additional coaching for free. In other words, we'll stick with you until you land a job. Other resume writers will only help if you receive no response at all — and that includes telemarketers who respond to every resume with a $8/hour opportunity.

12  Ask Yourself

What does it cost you — to wait? To go it alone? To guess? To miss out? Most of our clients tell us they're sorry they waited to get professional help. So many have had no response for 3 months, -6 months, -9 months (even up to 2 years Yikes!) before coming to us. And the turnarounds can be amazing. (See our Rave Reviews!) What's it worth to land a job you love?

13  Free Resume Evaluation

We would like to offer you a free written evaluation of your CURRENT resume to introduce our services. You will receive your evaluation within 2 days.
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Research Matters.

"I can do lots of jobs so I don't want to be specific."

At first, it might seem like a good strategy, but employers don't typically hire generalists. They hire a job title — VP of Regional Sales, Executive Assistant, Web Developer, etc.

Most of us wear many hats at work but still have a primary focus. The best strategy for landing a great job quickly is to

  1. focus on the job you love,
  2. identify that focus quickly in your resume and then —
  3. demonstrate how you're great at that job.

If your resume is cluttered with every possible skill and experience, your core capability is seriously diluted — making you appear as a "Jack of all trades, master of none". Rather than making you look handy to have around, this confusion actually dilutes your value too.