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About Us

About Our Team

123JobCentral: Research, NOT Folklore.

We're The Only Firm That Talks Directly to Hiring Managers. We don't offer opinions; we offer facts by identifying the job search factors that drive top performance and results. Did you know most resume writers (certified or not) have never worked directly with Hiring Managers? Based on direct feedback from employers, we modify our resume and job search approach 4 – 5 times per year. This means any services you purchase with 123JobCentral will always reflect the best practices of the day. In fact, many of our clients land interviews with companies that rejected their old resume. You simply can't find this anywhere else.

More than Just a Resume — Job Search Solutions.

Resume writers don't want us to tell you this but often it takes more than just a new resume to generate interviews and land a great job — especially in this tough market. Even the best resume can't do much for you if employers don't see it. This is why the 123JobCentral approach also focuses on the best performing marketing tools and 1–on–1 coaching with a professional Job Search Coach. This approach works so well 90% of our 123GetHired clients find they never need to fall back on our guarantee.

We must be doing something right.

  • Today 32% of our business comes from referrals; 35% from returning clients.
  • Surprisingly, nearly 25% of our new clients had resumes written by other firms with no success.
  • Many had purchased job search programs for $2500 – $5000 before coming to 123JobCentral and landing jobs with our services.

Our clients have found that their decision to partner with 123JobCentral has enhanced their careers for years. Take a look at our Rave Reviews — we guarantee you've never seen feedback like this!

Strategic Services for Job Seekers

123JobCentral Can Manage Your Resume Throughout Your Entire Career.

Every time you're ready to start a new job search, 123JobCentral will be there. We make it easy to gather the information needed to upgrade your resume and cover letter for the new job search. Best of all, because 123JobCentral drives resume and job search best practices, you'll always be assured of a resume that meets the demands of the day.

Research Matters.

Think Our Research Is Just "Nice to Have"?

"I resubmitted my new resume to 5 companies that ignored me before. So far, 3 of them have called me for interviews." – Chris, a software developer.

Chris had never had a problem landing a job — especially in the IT arena. It had been more than 5 years since the last search -- just before the recession hit. He was stunned and intimidated that his usual job search tactics weren't working. Gee, was he happy a friend referred him to us.

Adding value to your resume means adding value to your expertise – and employers are seeking valuable candidates. Some say "Knowledge is Power" but we believe it's the use of knowledge that produces results. Our research is designed to empower candidates during a process that can certainly feel frustrating.

Our Goals

  • Educate candidates about how economic and other trends impacts their job search.
  • Help eliminate unintended errors that limit employers' response to their resumes.
  • Develop techniques for resume writing, job searching, interviewing and other steps in the job hunt process that help job seekers' reveal their true potential to employers.
  • Strive to build better tools and materials that make it easier for candidates to land their "dream job" and employers to hire their "dream candidate".

Now meet Frank who's VP of Sales and in his early sixties. Frank's never had to look for a job before and has never had much of a resume – he just didn't need it. A six-month unemployment stint was unnerving and frustrating. With our help, Frank landed a great COO position that made him feel productive again.

Now you know why we at 123JobCentral take the time to do the research: Chris and Frank. Few things in life feel better than helping someone land the job they want.