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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Not Only Will We Rewrite Your Resume for Free
If You Don't Have Interviews in 30 Days . . . 
We'll Stick With You Until You Land A Job.

Your resume is rewritten after 30 days . . . OK then what? It's not just about the resume . . . it's about the job search. These days you need an aggressive marketing approach. Let's face it, even the best resume can't help much if only a handful of employers see it. And if after multiple interviews you still don't have an offer then it's not about the resume.

First, 123JobCentral Guarantees That You'll Be Happy With Your Final Resume:

  • We allow you to submit unlimited revisions to your new resume. Though most of our clients only need 1 or 2 revisions, we approach each resume individually to make certain we produce the best possible resume for you.
  • When you partner with 123JobCentral we become your job search consultants. So if you request a change to your resume that we believe is not beneficial we'll explain why — giving you the cost v. benefit analysis so you can make the final decision.

Not Getting Response After 30 Days — Just Let Us Know.

  • First we'll listen to your feedback and then refocus and modify your resume.
  • Second we'll talk about how you're marketing your resume both on the Internet and to the "hidden job market". Then we'll also look at your job search requirements (salary, skill level, location, etc.) to see about additional options that can help jumpstart your job search.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If You Purchase Our 123GetHired Program, We'll Be There With More Coaching Too.

  • If you haven't received "meaningful interviews" in 60 days we'll provide additional time with your coach to revamp your job search action plan.
  • When we say "meaningful" we mean meaningful to you — the kind of job you're looking for in the area where you're looking.
  • Our 123GetHired program works so well that 90% of our clients never need the guarantee.
  • Our goal is to be there for you until you land your job.

Research Matters.

Today 32% Of Our Business Comes From Referrals & 35% From Returning Clients.

When our clients started referring their spouses, cousins and friends we knew we were doing something right.

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Why not a money-back guarantee?

Actually, our clients tell us they prefer additional assistance instead of a money-back guarantee. With a money-back guarantee you have to start all over — wasting valuable time.