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Your resume may meet skill/expertise qualifications but not the all-important "hiring qualifications". In today's candidate-rich market, it is not unusual for an employer to complete the interview process with 3 – 4 finalists — all of whom they believe can technically do the job. So who gets the offer? It's the candidate who has the best attitude for the position, is a good fit with the company and seems to be the strongest overall contributor. Surprise — this may NOT be the candidate with the best expertise.

That's why a 123JobCentral resume goes beyond the simple facts and figures of your expertise. Giving potential employers a detail-rich understanding of your skills and expertise is just the start. Integrating your attitude and aptitude in the resume paints that fuller, multi-dimensional picture — not just of your background, but also of your capabilities. From the HR screener to final decision maker, your resume will show that you have more to contribute than other candidates — making you a "higher percentage" candidate from the first read.

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How Our Professional Resume Writing Works How It Works

Here's the process for our resume and other writing services, such as cover/thank you letters, professional bios, LinkedIn profiles, interview talking points, etc.

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It's simple. It's safe. Purchase with confidence with our verified and secure 256-bit encrypted process. We accecpt Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. In fact, 123JobCentral offers payment plans that allow you to stretch the cost over 2 – 3 months — we understand how it is when funds are tight. No interest or other fees are applied — we keep it simple.

Gather Additional Information

Provide Additional Information.

Our personalized service kicks in right away. At 123JobCentral, we won't send you a general "skills form"; your Editor will analyze your existing resume and embed specific questions to bring out the detail we need. This way we don't waste your time with information that doesn't apply to your situation. We're just looking for raw content; usually it's the kind of information that easily comes to mind and our examples also help to stimulate the thought process. For most clients, this usually takes no more than an hour and can be invaluable in providing unique depth to your resume.

Resume Drafts and Revisions

Collaborative Resume Creation with Your Editor.

Within 3 – 4 business days you'll receive the first draft of your resume. However, it's not a one-time shot. Your Editor will work with you through as many revisions as needed — though most clients only need one or two. The point is, there is no arbitrary cutoff point in perfecting the resume; this should be a collaborative process. We consider ourselves active participants in your job search success so we'll answer any questions about your new resume and also tell you honestly from our experience if requested changes are positive or detrimental (and why).

Collaborating by email can be great; it's convenient and effective. When it's not, we'll just call you. Whatever it takes to create the best possible resume for you.

Final Professional Resume

You Decide When It's "Just Right".

Once you've approved your final resume, we'll apply finishing touches to the Microsoft Word document, readying it for submittal to employers. You'll also receive a text version of your resume. 123JobCentral's unique text resume is formatted with our custom approach, designed specifically to increase your resume's effectiveness on job boards and online employer sites.

Additional Help When You Need It

During Your Job Search ...

In this market, 123JobCentral knows things don't always go as planned. So we want to be there for you through the entire process and celebrate your success at the end. If your resume is not getting response after 30 days — just let us know. First we'll listen to your feedback and then refocus and modify your resume if it's needed.

Secondly, we'll talk about how you're marketing your resume, both on the Internet and to the "hidden job market". We'll also look at your job search requirements (salary, skill level, location, etc.) to see about additional options that can help jumpstart your job search.