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Broader, Smarter Visibility Produces Stronger Results

123JobCentral's GetOutThere program packs a "1-2 punch" for you in a highly competitive job market. First, we build a great resume that separates you from others and provides a comprehensive, powerful picture of all your capabilities. Then we use our Resume Posting Service to easily and quickly get you the targeted visibility that brings multiple responses. The GetOutThere approach has delivered successful results for clients nationwide, often in a matter of hours or days.

Step 1 –– Great Resume

Passing the Hiring Test? Your resume may meet skill/expertise qualifications but not the all-important "hiring qualifications". In today's candidate-rich market, it is not unusual for an employer to complete the interview process with 3 – 4 finalists — all of whom they believe can technically do the job. So who gets the offer? It's the candidate who has the best attitude for the position, is a good fit with the company and seems to be the strongest overall contributor. Surprise — this may NOT be the candidate with the best expertise.

That's why a 123JobCentral resume goes beyond the simple facts and figures of your expertise. Giving potential employers a detail-rich understanding of your abilities is just the start. Integrating your attitude and aptitude in the resume paints that fuller, multi-dimensional picture — not just of your background but also of your capabilities. From the HR screener to final decision maker, your resume will show that you have more to contribute than other candidates — making you a "higher percentage" candidate from the first read. (See Resume Rewrite for more detail.)

Step 2 –– Great Visibility

Of course, even the best-written resume will produce little if it isn't widely seen. But many candidates are experiencing disappointing results posting their profile and resume to just a handful of supersaturated job boards. We're actually seeing more employers move away from the "big boards" to the 2nd-tier job boards to save money. Our Resume Posting Service posts your profile and resume to over 50 top-performing job boards in 1 click. (It would take 2 weeks to do this manually.) (See Resume Posting for more detail.)

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GetOutThere Program Guarantee Guarantee

First, 123JobCentral Guarantees That You'll Be Happy With Your Final Resume:

Not Getting Response After 30 Days — Just Let Us Know.

How Our GetOutThere Program Works How It Works

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It's simple. It's safe. Purchase with confidence with our verified and secure 256-bit encrypted process. We accecpt Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. In fact, 123JobCentral offers payment plans that allow you to stretch the cost over 2 – 3 months — we understand how it is when funds are tight. No interest or other fees are applied — we keep it simple.

GetOutThere - Step 1 Resume Rewrite

1 –– Resume Rewrite. Your editor will review your resume. If necessary, we may email you requesting additional information to include in your new resume — typically this includes a little more detail and identification of accomplishments for your job descriptions. Remember, we're the editors so we're just looking for raw content here. Our examples also help to stimulate the thought process. Once you've received your 1st draft, just let us know if revisions are necessary. Most of our clients find they only need 1 or 2 minor ones. (See Resume Rewrite for more detail.)

GetOutThere - Step 2 Resume Posting

2 –– Resume Posting. Once you've approved your final resume, we will provide you access to our posting service. The process is very simple. You complete one profile as you would on any single job board. When you're done, your resume will be posted automatically to over 50 sites within 72 hours. You specify the login/password and you can track the posting process interactively. (See Resume Posting for more detail.)

Additional Help When You Need It

During Your Job Search ...

In this market, 123JobCentral knows things don't always go as planned. So we want to be there for you through the entire process and celebrate your success at the end. If your resume is not getting response after 30 days — just let us know. First we'll listen to your feedback and then refocus and modify your resume if it's needed.

Secondly, we'll talk about how you're marketing your resume both on the Internet and to the "hidden job market". We'll also look at your job search requirements (salary, skill level, location, etc.) to see about additional options that can help jumpstart your job search.