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Pass the Final Hiring Test.

123JobCentral Coaches are Hiring Professionals — seasoned Recruiters and former Hiring Managers whose core competency is hiring and getting people hired. They've been working with people like you as potential employees, contractors and consultants for more than 10 years. On the employer side, they've interviewed, hired and placed thousands of candidates. They know firsthand what today's employer wants and how jobseekers can leverage strengths and minimize weaknesses. 123JobCentral coaches bring a real world advantage to the jobseeker that "generalist" career coaches (or your best friend) just can't give you.

Your coaching session is conducted one-on-one over-the-phone with a 123JobCentral Professional Coach and lasts approximatly 1-½ hours. We take the time to match you with the right Coach to support you at your specific career level.

Interview Prep Coaching
Need to prep for a specific interview? We're here to help. Your Coach will help you strategize about the requirements of the job and of the employer's environment. This includes identifying "professional personality" traits that are critical to the job and the selection of the final candidate. This type of preparation helps you see — and be seen — beyond the basic job description. The Interview Prep Coaching is a half-session generally lasting 30 – 45 minutes.

Job Search Coaching
In this competitive job market as many as 80% of positions are never advertised. That's the Hidden Job Market. In a normal economy only 20% of jobs are in the Hidden Job Market. This is why there's no "silver bullet", no single approach to generating interviews. During your session with your Coach, you'll work together to build a specific action plan. 123JobCentral has 40+ proven job search techniques but every approach isn't a good fit for every candidate — an executive in San Francisco has different needs than an administrative assistant in New York. That's why a custom action plan is critical. Your Coach will help identify the top 7 – 9 action items that are the highest percentage activities for you. Topics like "How to network when your friends don't know of any jobs" and "Working your LinkedIn Profile — not just having one". The action plan provides you with plenty of opportunity to generate the meaningful interviews you need to land your target job within 60 days.

Interview Coaching
Knowledge — and trial runs with honest feedback — is power. One session with your Coach will give you a totally different feeling about facing your next interview. Our focused interview coaching session, covering employer's views, "stand out" strategies, a mock interview and a wrap-up game plan will put you in the driver's seat when it comes to interviewing. Your Coach will help you with techniques to overcome your perceived weaknesses and prepare you for "speed bumps" that could throw you off track. What did the interviewer really think? You may never know ... but our Coaches have heard the feedback many times. With 123JobCentral's ongoing research, they turn inside knowledge into power for you.

Combo Coaching
Combo Coaching is basically just what it sounds like — Job Search and Interview Coaching in one session. Since your needs probably differ from those of other clients, the "combo" approach delivers a truly custom solution where you decide how much of the session focuses on building the action plan vs. interviewing skills.

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How Our Professional Coaching Works How It Works

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It's simple. It's safe. Purchase with confidence with our verified and secure 256-bit encrypted process. We accecpt Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. In fact, 123JobCentral offers payment plans that allow you to stretch the cost over 2 – 3 months — we understand how it is when funds are tight. No interest or other fees are applied — we keep it simple.

Scheduling Your Session

Scheduling Your Session.

Our Scheduling Coordinator will send you an email to set up a date/time that will work for you. In addition to the normal business day, we have early morning and early evening appointments available. We'll also ask you to answer a few questions about your job search to help your Coach prepare for your session.

Reviewing the Prep Material

Reviewing the Prep Material.

We'll email you an overview of the session, including detailed material covering Job Search and/or Interview techniques. Reviewing this material before your appointment will help you get the most from your session.

Working With Your Coach

Working With Your Coach.

Your Coach will call you for the session at the phone number you provide and will talk with you for approximately 1-½ hours (1/2 hour for Interview Prep Coaching). You and your Coach will determine the highest priority issues to be addressed to meet your specific goals.


Additional Help When You Need It

During Your Job Search ...

In this market, 123JobCentral knows things don't always go as planned. So we want to be there for you through the entire process and celebrate your success at the end. If your resume is not getting response after 30 days — just let us know. First we'll listen to your feedback and then refocus and modify your resume if it's needed.

Secondly, we'll talk about how you're marketing your resume both on the Internet and to the "hidden job market". We'll also look at your job search requirements (salary, skill level, location, etc.) to see about additional options that can help jumpstart your job search.